Thursday, 28 February 2013

Atlantic POD big-up

Merrick from Florida finally got his Atlantic POD wet the other day and sent through his great email. Thanks Merrick.

“Hey Tim, I am real angry over this Atlantic POD.  We had some of the best waves around here in a long time, lined up, pure glass and I rode the POD. It rode so AWESOME that now I think this is my favourite board and not the asymmetric Orca anymore HA HA HA HA HA.

The pod fired up, i was taking nice drops, fading my turns , the waves lined up making it scream down the line. I got so tubed and came flying out one wave. Another wave i was s-turning down the line, the face opened up and went round and i was able to do a sharp cut back on the tail, pull it back around and get tubed. This board is going to Indo for sure. I surfed almost 6 hours today. it was waist to head high, over cast light offshore winds and i was able to grab some of the big sets before anyone else , i always do that LOL. Some of the guys paddling out were hooting as I came screaming down the set of the day - going so fast I love it.   One guy asked me do you surf Indo, I laughed and said “no i had never been there but i will be going”, he said the way you draw your lines and make your drops. i told him I am a kid who grew up surfing in the 70’s so I learned to draw my lines on single fins and I am all about style and speed.

Ok I am rambling now. The board is so much fun, fast loose and just great. Every board I have from you is very special in their own way.

Talk to you later, Merrick”

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