Atlantic POD

The Atlantic POD: 6’4” x 20 ¾” x 2 7/8” EVO5 or 6 bonzer

This is my "Martini" board (anytime, anyplace, anywhere)... if I’m not sure, it’s what I take out. I had my best ever backside barrel on it this winter on a nearby dredging incredibly fast and long left. I love it! It can be EVO5 or 6 (though mine are now always just EVO6)... stable, fast, very loose, and catches waves really early.
As standard this board comes with a beak nose for better take-offs and glide, but I often do it with a thinner high performance nose where ease of duck diving is more important. 
The bottom of this board features Bernouilli concaves and comes as either an EVO5 or EVO6 bonzer. 
Lengths from 5'8 to 7'0, widths from 18 3/4 to 22 1/2" 

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