Oneinten: 5’11” x 19 1/8” x 2 ½” Thruster, Quad, EVO5 or 6 bonzer, and 2+1
With removable Bonzer fins systems  there will only be 10 of this design (after that there are no more fins sets being manufactured). It is my hat doffed to convention... a standard planshape squash tail but with spherical rocker. Single to double concave and can be set up without positional compromise as a Thruster, Quad, Bonzer EVO5, EVO6, or a 2+1 thanks to the LokBox adjustability and preangled fins... each fin set-up endears a different experience and also a different wave range... this one is inked up to support the “freebroadbench” appeal by SAS to help protect access to the UK home of bonzers, Broadbench,  Kimmeridge Bay... please sign up.

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