The Riddler: 6’6" x 20 ¼” x 2 7/8” EVO5/6 bonzer or REVO5
I have always been a Cheyne Horan fan, so inspired by Geoff McCoy’s Lazer Zaps I set out on an experiment to combine those theories (and those of Ben Lexan the keel maker), with some of Malcolm’s. The result was the Riddler and from the first ride I knew this was something special. In REVO5 form it’s a pain to make, it looks really weird and it doesn’t suit everyone. My personal one is 6'2" REVO (see blog) on which I landed my first huge air since I hit 40 last autumn. It's an unusual high performance board that will allow you to go new places on the wave. Alternatively have it as a standard EVO5/6 bonzer and just enjoy the early, easy, stable take offs and incredibly acute/rapid turns. 

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